Sunday, August 10, 2008

Easy on a Sunday Morning (err, afternoon).

im usually lazy on sundays. probly cos the next day is monday which means work week again. but i love being stressed and busy as long as its work, cos im in love with what i do.

just felt a bit earthy and wore this for the day while out running errands.

the booties serve as my prelude to fall/winter.

i added gray socks just cos hehe.

i love layering necklaces now for no reason whatsoever. my studded belt is my default add-on everytime i wanna add some bohemian quirkiness to my ensemble. mixed bangles are also my everyday constants.

option 2. well, it is sunday after all and i do live in a tropical country. so later on, i changed into this for that laid-back feel.

ooh. i am currently married to this pair of gladiator flats. they are super comfy.

credits: brown button-down, landmark. crucifix necklace, CRU. bangles, forever21. gray socks, forever21. slouchy booties, vintage. gladiator flats, so! fab. scarf, landmark.

1 comment:

Bella Harris said...

I actually love this look both ways... you look fantastic!