Tuesday, September 2, 2008

White Out

Before i start bombarding this blog with all things fall (read: black). . . last june, i did a story for Marie Claire Philippines on white on white dressing. for me, no matter what season it is, white will always lend that austere pristine clean appeal to your look. the challenge was, how not to make white look summer-y and instead make it look hardcore? well, here's a few tips. . .

Photography Noelle Hernandez
Styling Bea Constantino
Makeup Gela Laurel
Model Chanel

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Easy on a Sunday Morning (err, afternoon).

im usually lazy on sundays. probly cos the next day is monday which means work week again. but i love being stressed and busy as long as its work, cos im in love with what i do.

just felt a bit earthy and wore this for the day while out running errands.

the booties serve as my prelude to fall/winter.

i added gray socks just cos hehe.

i love layering necklaces now for no reason whatsoever. my studded belt is my default add-on everytime i wanna add some bohemian quirkiness to my ensemble. mixed bangles are also my everyday constants.

option 2. well, it is sunday after all and i do live in a tropical country. so later on, i changed into this for that laid-back feel.

ooh. i am currently married to this pair of gladiator flats. they are super comfy.

credits: brown button-down, landmark. crucifix necklace, CRU. bangles, forever21. gray socks, forever21. slouchy booties, vintage. gladiator flats, so! fab. scarf, landmark.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway Philippines. Thoughts? ? ?

tonight was the first episode of Project Runway Philippines. i have to admit that i had been waiting for the show for months, since yes, i am shamelessly addicted to the American franchise.

i watched it while simultaneously texting with friends from the industry. i must say, i like the show.

teresa herrera was on point hosting-wise, although i found her sometimes a bit too nice and diplomatic compared to heidi. but of course, it woulda been pitiful if the local franchise's hosts tried to copy the original personalities to a T.

jojie was so cute.

rajo's outfit tonight reminded me of lanvin's alber elbaz with the bowtie and suit. his comments were funny.

guest judge frederick peralta's comments made a lot of sense.

the designers were a good mix, although i think they coulda used a psycho-egotistical personality more. but the badings---were hilarious! dram drama drama, i can feel it!

i couldnt find a snippet of the episode tonight. so hope the teaser would suffice for now.

lets discuss. thoughts? ? ?

Another Day at Work. . .

so i had another celebrity shoot today. usually for celeb shoots, i try to dress up more. but then i wasnt in the mood today so i just decided to go with my usual casual laid-back attire. loose white shirt, cut-off shorts, layered necklaces and my fave comfy oxford shoes!

it was a warm day and i just couldnt be bothered layering on a scarf or a blazer (the vain dont complain but it was just too hot today).

credits: shirt, SM department store. denim shorts, levi's 593 jeans cut into shorts. crucifix necklace, cru. bangles, 168 mall. oxford shoes, vintage. red wayfarers, forever21. rope used as belt, carolina's.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Marry a Millionaire

as some of you may know, being a stylist really is not a glam job.

sure, we're constantly surrounded by the latest clothes, couture, off-the-runway, samples, one-of-a-kind, etc. but if you saw what goes on behind the process. . . its a lot of blood sweat and tears!

here in the Philippines, when there's a shoot, we find out the concept, we get the pegs (the photos of the concept we wanna kinda sorta copy), we write the stores to ask permission to pull-out, and once approved, we go to the stores one by one to pull-out (or borrow the stuff) and once done, you return the items in the same perfect condition as you borrowed them. easy right?

well, every once in a while, due to the toxic busy-ness of the shoot, there are a couple damaged items. hmm maybe a snag here and there, a slight scratch or what-not. usually stuff that the sales people do not notice. most of the time though, we stylists are liable to pay for them---whatever their retail cost is.

i recently had a shoot, and upon returning the pair of shoes, the store staff informed me there was a scratch in one of the shoes. immediately i said i'll pay for it, even if its so not my size (it was a 7.5 when im a 6). like an angel, the magazine editor with whom i did the shoot coincidentally popped up in the store and felt bad so she volunteered to pay for it. she gave it to me as a gift since she saw how stressed i was with the shoot (12 layouts, 8 models y'all).

check out my new STELLA LUNA shoes!

dont you just adore the box?!?

tada! (where's the scratch?!?)

Jil Sander is that you? ? ?

too bad theyre a size and half too big for my tiny pixie sample-size unfriendly feet : [ that wont stop me though! : ]

thank you Maureen for my much-needed, feel-good gift! ! !

*stella luna is now available in Adora (greenbelt 5) and powerplant mall, rockwell.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Word on the Street Is. . .

i am really excited abt this blog. off to swimming to cool off this irritating tropical heat. will take photos too! cheerios!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

Current Obsession: Statement Shoes. Gaaah!

ok. whackmeontheheadnow. even if the current state of my savings is pitiful, i still have the audacity to even think of getting new shoes.

there's just a lot of good designs out there!

l-r: christian loubotin, bottega venetta, marc jacobs, chloe, jimmy choo, marni. (net-a-porter.com)
edit: ok, this photo came out weird. the colors are in negative. why is this? someone help gaaah. sorry but u get the idea. :*

my faves now are chloe and marni. the designs are just sooo out there. im partial though to oxfords right now which they sell at Ilaya for Php1400 only. what i love abt them is that u can wear them with anything---skinny jeans, leggings, skirts (pouffy or bandage), or almost any short dress available today. i personally think this year was the year of the shoes.

i must confess though that i really cant wear heels for that long. even if its just a 2-inch heel or 4-inch ones, there's no diff. see, im flat-footed (eek) and due to my many years of dancing (read: feet abuse), my feet have developed this annoying inability to stand in anything with height. such a cuuuurse!

yes, im that girl who walks around in flats all day with my heels tucked inside my car. then when there's an event, i do a quick-change and voila, im no longer a gnome.

my friend pam on the other hand, cant live without heels. she pulls out, shoots and runs with them, real talk. she actually trips when she's in flats. hahaha!