Friday, July 25, 2008

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

Current Obsession: Statement Shoes. Gaaah!

ok. whackmeontheheadnow. even if the current state of my savings is pitiful, i still have the audacity to even think of getting new shoes.

there's just a lot of good designs out there!

l-r: christian loubotin, bottega venetta, marc jacobs, chloe, jimmy choo, marni. (
edit: ok, this photo came out weird. the colors are in negative. why is this? someone help gaaah. sorry but u get the idea. :*

my faves now are chloe and marni. the designs are just sooo out there. im partial though to oxfords right now which they sell at Ilaya for Php1400 only. what i love abt them is that u can wear them with anything---skinny jeans, leggings, skirts (pouffy or bandage), or almost any short dress available today. i personally think this year was the year of the shoes.

i must confess though that i really cant wear heels for that long. even if its just a 2-inch heel or 4-inch ones, there's no diff. see, im flat-footed (eek) and due to my many years of dancing (read: feet abuse), my feet have developed this annoying inability to stand in anything with height. such a cuuuurse!

yes, im that girl who walks around in flats all day with my heels tucked inside my car. then when there's an event, i do a quick-change and voila, im no longer a gnome.

my friend pam on the other hand, cant live without heels. she pulls out, shoots and runs with them, real talk. she actually trips when she's in flats. hahaha!

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