Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Marry a Millionaire

as some of you may know, being a stylist really is not a glam job.

sure, we're constantly surrounded by the latest clothes, couture, off-the-runway, samples, one-of-a-kind, etc. but if you saw what goes on behind the process. . . its a lot of blood sweat and tears!

here in the Philippines, when there's a shoot, we find out the concept, we get the pegs (the photos of the concept we wanna kinda sorta copy), we write the stores to ask permission to pull-out, and once approved, we go to the stores one by one to pull-out (or borrow the stuff) and once done, you return the items in the same perfect condition as you borrowed them. easy right?

well, every once in a while, due to the toxic busy-ness of the shoot, there are a couple damaged items. hmm maybe a snag here and there, a slight scratch or what-not. usually stuff that the sales people do not notice. most of the time though, we stylists are liable to pay for them---whatever their retail cost is.

i recently had a shoot, and upon returning the pair of shoes, the store staff informed me there was a scratch in one of the shoes. immediately i said i'll pay for it, even if its so not my size (it was a 7.5 when im a 6). like an angel, the magazine editor with whom i did the shoot coincidentally popped up in the store and felt bad so she volunteered to pay for it. she gave it to me as a gift since she saw how stressed i was with the shoot (12 layouts, 8 models y'all).

check out my new STELLA LUNA shoes!

dont you just adore the box?!?

tada! (where's the scratch?!?)

Jil Sander is that you? ? ?

too bad theyre a size and half too big for my tiny pixie sample-size unfriendly feet : [ that wont stop me though! : ]

thank you Maureen for my much-needed, feel-good gift! ! !

*stella luna is now available in Adora (greenbelt 5) and powerplant mall, rockwell.

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MejLoza.com said...

it's my dream to be a stylist here in manila and be rachel zoe. unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet and i'm not in the fashion industry. in my previous blog/website (http://fashiolution.com - but it's gone now) i think i've created several look books ala magazine style then submitted it together with a resume. sadly... the story didn't end so perfectly. moving on, someday i will.;) i love this post and i'm glad you blog. cheers to more future posts!