Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway Philippines. Thoughts? ? ?

tonight was the first episode of Project Runway Philippines. i have to admit that i had been waiting for the show for months, since yes, i am shamelessly addicted to the American franchise.

i watched it while simultaneously texting with friends from the industry. i must say, i like the show.

teresa herrera was on point hosting-wise, although i found her sometimes a bit too nice and diplomatic compared to heidi. but of course, it woulda been pitiful if the local franchise's hosts tried to copy the original personalities to a T.

jojie was so cute.

rajo's outfit tonight reminded me of lanvin's alber elbaz with the bowtie and suit. his comments were funny.

guest judge frederick peralta's comments made a lot of sense.

the designers were a good mix, although i think they coulda used a psycho-egotistical personality more. but the badings---were hilarious! dram drama drama, i can feel it!

i couldnt find a snippet of the episode tonight. so hope the teaser would suffice for now.

lets discuss. thoughts? ? ?


Edrick said...

i cannot watch it! it's during school week! :-( somebody youtube this...hehe do they have reruns during sat nights?? hehe

the teaser ad is nice. so much better than pnfreakingtm. :-p

Anonymous said...

hi edrick, i think there's re-runs throughout thursday (the day after) 3pm, 6pm 9pm i think : ] not sure though!